Infected! Role-playing Game Guide

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The virus swept through the world like a flood, bringing with it mass death, war and anarchy. It killed most of its victims, but those who survived its ravages were changed.

In their eyes was only hunger, and animal rage. They hunt you now, on the fringes of a fractured society, which lives on in ragged towns and hardy nations, defying bandits, cannibals, crazies and the ravages of the virus.

The question you must ask yourself now is:
when the world falls, will you try to save it, or help it burn?

Infected! A game of survival, suspense, horror, politics, war, intrigue and action in the years following the zombie outbreak.

  • 256 full colour pages dripping with gorgeous art
  • Everything you need to play
  • Universal rules, rewarding player ingenuity – there’s never just one way to resolve an action
  • Brutal, fast-paced combats favouring strategy, cunning and surprise rather than brute strength – diplomacy, charm and other social skills are not just important, they’re the difference between life and death
  • A richly detailed world of seething community politics, war, ambition, survival and desperate choices, loaded with story hooks to aid Narrators in creating epic scenarios and campaigns
  • Sample characters and a sample scenario to get you started
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