Coconuts 4 Player Monkey Dexterity Game

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One copy of Coconuts 4 player Board Game and an additional 36 Coconuts (12 each of Red/Green/Brown).

From the Duo;

Long ago the Monkey King left his peaceful kingdom in the care of his children while he took a great journey. The journey took him far and wide, keeping him away longer than he had intended, and he finally returned to find his children fighting and his beautiful kingdom in chaos. The wise old king sighed and gathered his children. "I have seen much, and learned that successful rulers keep one eye on the present, and the other on the future. I have decided that the first Monkey to collect supplies for the winter will replace me as ruler."

The king's children bowed and dutifully filed, but one by one each whispered to the other, "Beware, I have magic."

Shoot your coconuts straight and true to collect them in the basket, but beware the monkey magic that might monkey with you.

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