Chopstick Dexterity Mega Challenge 3000

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This is a quick/easy game for 2-3 players that pits your skill against the other player(s) in a 10-15 minute battle.  The rules are simple, the game play is quick but mastery can take a lifetime.  Grasp shapes with chopsticks to win pieces. Whoever obtains the most pieces wins! 

It will help you to improve your Chopstick skills, or lack thereof. Even if you have NO chopstick skills, you can still play this game competitively and really spoil other players' efforts! Maybe you can best all opponents, win the Final Victory Stage, and become Chopstick Grandmaster too!

Age: 10+

Time: 10-15 minutes

Players: 2-3

Component Clarification

If you look over the Kickstarter page (HERE) and the updates you'll see a clear list of components included in the game in several places, and all of those component lists are 100% correct. 
The game does have exactly these components as clearly stated on the Kickstarter page: 
Game Box Lid: 262.9mmL x 161.45 mm W x 66.7mmH 
Game Box Bottom: 257.4mmL x 155.95mm W x 66.7mmH 
Punch Board (2 pcs) (fit to box size): 252mm W x 147mmL 
Rulebook (1pc): (fit to box size) 300 x 252mm folded to 150 x 252mm 
Paper Tray: 150mm x 431mm (no printing) 
Chopsticks: 3 sets of chopsticks 
Bowl: One large dish bowl 
Sauce Dish: 3 smaller Sauce Dishes 

Unfortunately, there is a misprint in the rulebook. The rulebook states that there is also a Sand Timer in the game, which it does NOT have. The rulebook says this sand timer could be used in the Final Challenge stage of the game to challenge individual players to place all pieces onto the Final Challenge board before the timer runs out. We recommend players simply time their Final Challenge times and compare it to other players, not with a sand timer but with a stop watch app or other means. We apologize for the misprint in the rulebook and hope you will understand. Thanks for your support!

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