Judge Dredd: East Meg Invasion Force


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After years of meticulous planning, Supreme Judge Bulgarin of East Meg One launched the Apocalypse War against Mega-City One. Through the use of nukes, the Apocalypse Shield and a full scale invasion under Warmarshal Kazan, Mega-City One was subjugated quickly, with half of its 800 million citizens killed. Through the heroic actions of a handful of judges, Mega-City One was able to finally win the war, destroying East Meg One in the process. However, there are many in East Meg Two who plan revenge against the westǃ_ A Sov Judge Invasion Force is designed to eradicate all resistance in Mega-City One. With well-equipped and well-trained judges, not to mention the dreaded Sentenoids, it is very much an elite force. This set contains a complete starter set for the Judge Dredd miniatures game and includes, three Sov Judges, a Senior Sov Judge, a Sov Officer, a Sov Judge with¨ÜSatellat and a Sentenoid. 6 foot figures, 1 Satellat and 1 Sentenoid Miniatures are supplied unpainted and assembly may be required.
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