Infinity - Operation: Red Veil (3rd Edition Starter)

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Operation: Red Veil is designed as a way to start your Inifnity collection, or continue it. The set contains two starter forces (Yu Jing and Haqqislam), as well as rules, five missions, markers, dice, and terrain. Each force also includes an exclusive miniature only available in this Battle Pack. Using this box, new players will be able to learn to play Infinity, or existing players can expand the range of troops they have available to them. 


Operation: Red Veil contents

Yu Jing Starter Pack:

  • 3x Zhanshi (Combi Rifle)
  • 1x Zuyong Invincible, Terracotta Soldier (Combi Rifle)
  • 1x Tiger Soldier (Hacker)
  • 1x Hsien (HMG)
  • 1x Ninja (Tactical Bow)

Haqqislam Starter Pack:

  • 3x Ghulam Infantry (Rifle + Light Shotgun)
  • 1x Zhayedan (Rifle + Light Shotgun)
  • 1x Murabid Tuareg (Sniper Rifle)
  • 1x Khawarij (Rifle + Light Shotgun)
  • 1x Al Fasid (HMG + Light GL)

Game Mat
3 Yu Jing dice
3 Haqqislam dice
Neon Lotus Scenery Pack
Ruler Markers and Templates
English-Spanish introductory rules booklet.

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