Storm Wagon/Thunder Wagon

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The storm wagon is known colloquially as Devil’s Guitar, Deathscreamer, Howler and Boomer, amongst other names. This is the most varied in design of all wagons, taking the concept of improvised munitions to its fullest extent. In essence, the storm wagon straps a massive quantity of unguided rockets (from different sources) to a traversable mount on the rear of the vehicle. These are unleashed in a rapid fire, barely controlled salvo of screaming destruction, usually in an arcing trajectory allowing the base vehicle to operate safely from cover. Although their munitions are slow, they can overwhelm countermeasures by sheer quantity, increasing their effective range when multiple units fire as a battery.


3 x Storm Wagons per blister 

Length: 45mm (varies) 

10mm Scale 

Four Resin components each
Models supplied unassembled and unpainted


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