Zombie Kidz: Let's Go Hunting!

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It’s zombie hunting time! Strange creatures are on the prowl at the nearby cemetary. Of course, the adults don't believe you. So you and your friends will have to band together and take care of the problem yourselves. Be smart as you and your friends move around the cemetery because you never know where a zombie will appear. Chase all the zombies away or lock all the gates to the cemetery and you and your friends will save the town! In this cooperative children's game, players work to stop the zombies from taking over the cemetery by either locking the gates or eliminating the zombies. The box contains: 1 board; 4 player pawns; 4 lock tokens; 8 zombie tokens; 1 die; rule book. Players: 2 - 4 | Playing Time: 15 minutes | Ages: 7 +
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