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COGZ is an addictive, fun strategy board game set in a mad scientist steampunk world where someone has broken the mad professor's chromatic cogtraption. Suitable for kids through to advanced strategists.

Variants (included)

  • Collaborative Cognizants (teams)
  • Recognition (tournaments)
  • Co-ogperation Blitz (7-12 player)
  • Cogineer Arch Nemesis (cooperative)
  • Stereocogscopy (3D board)
  • Monocog (single player)
  • Cogmatix (new cogtraptions)
  • Cogineer Academy (advanced techniques)


  • Wide age range (parents and kids)
  • Wide skill range (light through to intense strategy)
  • Improve IQ from pattern matching and strategy
  • Modular Tile Board
  • Well refined and simple rules
  • Simple to learn but hard to master
  • Quick game with any number of players FUN!

​COGZ is designed in Australia!

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