SU Assault Gun (Plastic 2-Set)


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SU Assault Guns (OFBX10)

The medium assault gun regiments have some of the most effective tank killers of the war and are equipped with the efficient SU-85, the heavily armoured SU-85M, and the powerfully armed SU-100.

The contents of this box allows you to assemble two SU-85, SU-85M or SU-100 assault guns.

In 1944 the first 500 SU-100 assault guns rolled off the production line at the Uralmarch factory in Sverdlovsk (now Yekaterinburg).Another 1175 were built in 1945. They began replacing SU-85 assault guns in the medium assault gun regiments and brigades in late 1944.

The SU-85M assault gun was a stop-gap measure utilising the new improved hull built for the SU-100. Not enough 100mm D-10S gun were initially available, so 85mm D-5 S-85 guns were mounted some early production hulls. The major advantage of the new hull was that is could carry up to 60 rounds instead of 48 of the SU-85 hull.

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