Miniature Wargames Issue 423

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• There’s a duo of Napoleonic features with Light Division with Napoleonic rules for those with only a limited space and It’s on the Cards: as the name implies this is a card driven activation adaptation for the Portable Wargame.
• Scouting Parties gives readers a pre-release peek at Vanguard the new Mantic Fantasy Skirmish system.
• Command Decision: Spotsylvania County? Yes it’s Virginia, May 1st 1863 and that means another wargames conundrum by Jon Sutherland
• Hooray for Hollywood gives helpful guidance for using scriptwriting techniques to improve your scenario design.
• A Moveable Feast: The editor takes a trip to Hammerhead 2018.
• There’s also more scratch building and converting: The Wargames Widow shows us what to do with garden plants but we have canals and Dwarven conversions as well!
• Plus all the latest news and reviews!

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