BattleTech 25 Years of Art & Fiction

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Twenty-five years after FASA published BattleDroids, a stand-alone box game recreating the giant robo/mecha science fiction action of the best anime, Catalyst Game Labs is set to celebrate the silver anniversary of this unique science fiction game that became BattleTech in its second year of existence. Kicking it off will be this deluxe oversize 160-page art book filled with a retrospective sample of 25 years of art, plus over a hundred thousand words of new original fiction from top BattleTech authors such as Thurston, Charrette, Milan, Gressman, Coleman, Keith, Long, Pardoe and Stackpole. The deluxe volume also will contain a universal timeline of the BattleTech universe as well as a definitive bibliography of all the published material relating to BattleTech from FASA to Fan Pro to WizKids to Catalyst.

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