A Call to Arms Star Fleet Squadron Box #9: Romulan

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Star Fleet is an exciting, action-packed fleet battles game set among the backdrop of the stars. The forces of the Federation battle with the inhabitants of the furthest reaches of space, with conflicts ranging from chance encounters between individual vessels, to huge battles with multiple fleets colliding - if you have the skill and the courage, maybe you could take command, and steer a Star Fleet to victory!

The Romulans maintain an uneasy peace with the Federation - they are cunning, opportunistic fighters who use deceptive tactics in order to lure enemy vessels into traps - this Squadron Box contains 5 key Romulan vessels with which to begin your campaign.

This Boxed Set contains 5 ships composed of both resin and white metal components. These models are supplied unpainted, and assembly may also be required. 

This Boxed Set contains:

  •  1 x Condor Dreadnought
  •  1 x SkyHawk Destroyer
  •  1 x Battle Hawk 
  •  1 x Kestrel KR 
  •  1 x War Eagle Cruiser
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