Desert Rats 6pdr Anti-tank Platoon (Plastic, x4)


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6 pdr Anti-tank Platoon (BBX38) includes four plastic 6pdr anti-tank guns, four plastic Gun Crew sprues, four medium five-hole bases, one base plug sprue and one Unit card.

The Quick-Firing 6-pounder is a 57mm anti-tank gun which made its combat debut in the Gazala battles in May and June 1942. Dug-in and firing at only point blank range, these guns are deadly to enemy tanks. 

Its only real downside is its height, which makes it a conspicuous target in the desert. The placement of the 75mm gun makes it difficult to conceal the tank in a hull-down position behind terrain. At Alam el Halfa, with time to prepare a static defence, the British were able to partly overcome these difficulties by carefully choosing the placement of each Grant.

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