Ramsch's Charge (Army Deal)


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Rämsch's Charge (GEAB12) Includes a Company HQ with two Pazer IV H tanks, a Panzer Platoon with three Panzer IV H tanks, a second Panzer Platoon with three StuG G assault guns, and a Gepanzerte Panzergrenadier Platoon with four SdKfz 251 half-tracks and 48 figures.

In the morning hours of 17 December the advance guard of 2.Panzerdivision reached the town of Clerf in the Ardennes, where they were stopped by American Sherman tanks. Major Horst Rämsch brought forward his Panzer IV tanks and StuG G assault guns to clear the way. The battle lasted into the evening, when the last Shermans were destroyed or forced to retreat. The Panzergrenadiers then were then able to take the town.

This Panzerkompanie includes 965 points of models to build the core of any German company and can easily be expanded with additional models from the extensive range. This specific company can be fielded by using Grey Wolf which also includes detailed platoon options, historical background, and inspirational photographs.

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