Desert Gaming Mat (4' x 6' double sided)


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Please be aware that this item has been misprinted and is slightly oversized on the standard.


For those Flames Of War enthusiasts who lack a dedicated gaming table or simply don’t have space for one, the Gaming Mat is the perfect solution. Within seconds it transforms a humble dining table into a full-sized (72” x 48” / 120cm x 180cm) Flames Of War battlefield.

Featuring a unique double-sided design, the Gaming Mat is ideal for representing a range of different battlefields and theatres of war. From the dry, sun-baked conditions of North Africa to the vast open space of the Russia Steppe the Gaming Mat offers the Flames Of War player an unequalled level of flexibility.

Made from durable neoprene, the Gaming Mat can be rolled up for quick, easy storage while taking up minimum space. Used in conjunction with the desert terrain pieces from Battlefield in a Box range, the Gaming Mat offers the complete solution for your gaming needs.

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