Tracked Rapier SAM Section


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Tracked Rapier SAM Section (TBBX07) includes four Tracked Rapier self-propelled surface-to-air missile launchers, one unit card & one decal sheet.

Tracked Rapier is a self-propelled version of the excellent Rapier surface-to-air missile (SAM) mounted on the chassis of a modified American M548 tracked carrier.

Typical of British missiles, the Rapier is not a homing missile, instead the commander tracks the target using a helmet-mounted sight, and the launcher sends signals to the missile to steer it on to the target. Like the Blowpipe, the result is a missile that is very hard to avoid.

Rapier has another twist in that it does not have a proximity fuse to detonate it in case of a near miss. The weight saving allows for a more manoeuvrable missile that is extremely deadly when it scores the required direct hit.

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January 2017


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Perfect for stopping your opponent using any air-force models in their army. Sick of Hinds blowing up your tanks? Want to squash Frogfoots? Well you cant go wrong with Rapiers. You get the max allowance with this box (unusual but lovely!) of 4 and my goodness they swat anything out the skies (unless you are praying to the wrong dice gods). The models are lovely and a great level of detail on them. Suffer the usual BF track dramas but nothing that cant be fixed by adding a base and some filler. When there's something flying in the neighbourhood, who you gonna call? Yup thats right, the Tracked Rapier SAM Section

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