Charlie's Chieftains (Army Deal - original)


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Charlie's Chieftains (TBRAB1) contains five plastic Chieftain Main Battle Tanks, two plastic two Lynx helicopters, six resin tank commander figures, eight rare-earth magnets, two decal sheets, six unit cards and one printed cardboard Artillery & Salvo template. 

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January 2017


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Tally Ho, Pip Pip and let's all enjoy a cup of tea. This really rather smashing box gives you the core of what really is one of the better factions in Team Yankee. Chieftains with Stillbrew armour will watch HEAT bounce off before returning fire with the best of British. The lynx work very well for either transporting your finest infantry into the fray or strapping on some TOWs and ruining the day of any enemy tank commanders, they really dont like it up 'em. A very good price, buy this and you will have enough spare pennies for some Tea and Scones at the local Fete and then a Pint down at the pub later. Just make sure you check inside for the free mini rule book!

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