AH-1 Cobra (x2) (Plastic)


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Cobra Attack Helicopter Platoon (TUBX05) includes two plastic AH-1 Cobra helicopters, two plastic flight stands, decal sheet and unit card.

The AH-1S Cobra is the latest version of the Vietnam-era Hueycobra and is easily distinguishable by its flatter, non-reflective canopy and the four Improved TOW missiles tubes mounted on each side.

This Cobra is a tank hunter, relying on its narrow frontal profile, the long reach of the Improved TOW missile, and skilful flying to remain undetected as it hunts its prey. The Cobra’s chin-mounted M197 20mm Vulcan Gatling gun makes short work of infantry and lightly-armoured vehicles, and any enemy helicopters it may come across.

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