Harry Potter Miniature Game: The Chamber of Secrets Chronicle Box


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The Chamber of Secrets Chronicle Box is the first narrative expansion for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game by Knight Models and brings the Wizarding World to your tabletop in new and exciting ways! The Chamber of Secrets boxed set is a cooperative expansion box for the game, offering new ways to play, new models, beautifully illustrated game boards, and a world of magical adventure… Based on the movie of the same name, players can pit themselves against The Heir of Slytherin’s evil plans, escape Aragog’s lair, and do battle with a Basilisk. This is the most immersive story driven experience we’ve made so far! This special boxed set contains: New highly detailed miniatures, including the long-awaited Basilisk itself! Game counters and markers, including new markers for yet-to-be-released models, so you can start playing right away. One large and two medium size, full-colour, double-sided game boards. The medium size boards bring to live the House rivalries of Howgarts, while the large one depicts Aragog’s Lair and the Chamber of Secrets itself! New Artefacts, Spells and Potion cards. New game tiles, introducing a new element to your games. A Chamber of Secrets Chronicle book, following the story of the movie through your games.
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