Pandora - Bringer of Woe

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32mm 'heroic' scale high quality metal cast miniature. All miniatures supplied unpainted. May require preparation and assembly. Provided with one 30mm plastic round base.

Sculptor: Gael Goumon
Concept: Kan-J
Painter: Thomas Schadle
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March 2012


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Pandora is a tricky master to get the hang of, but one that can cause great distress to your opponents if used correctly. At first she appears to be a model that needs to be protected at all costs, with a low defence and movement, but that is where people can underestimate her. Pandora is usually summarised as a model that causes death by a thousand paper cuts. Her abilities allow her to chain together a series of willpower tests to disrupt the activation of opponents models, but also spread damage throughout a group while zipping around with a Push move when the conditions are right. Her spells can be used to debuff enemies and also cause them to attack themselves (Great for big brutes like Killjoy). She can even prevent models from attacking her directly, meaning her low defence stat sometimes does not even need to be worried about. She does well with a bit of support in the melee department, but when you get the hang of her, you'll find she works very well with other models that can cause willpower tests on the enemy to really benefit her abilities. At first you may be tempted to Link her with Sorrows to act as extra wounds, or surround her with tougher models to weather attackers. However you need to make sure blast attacks can't catch her when a nearby model is targeted. In fact, sometimes the best option can be to leave her standing in the open with her low defence, tempting others to try to dart in to attack her...

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