Apollo Type 3 Walker

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The Apollo is a high speed attack walker, generally fielded in flanking, interdiction or expeditionary operations where heavier walkers would be unsuitable. The Apollo is particularly adept at this role, since it is equipped with jump jets, allowing it to cover short distances in the air and at high speed. In addition to the speed advantage, this allows the Apollo to jump from behind structures and high cover, making it an excellent ambush predator. It can be armed with either a lighter version of the standard RX-1 Railgun or with the Manslayer, a conventional cannon armed with advanced, air-bursting munitions.

The Apollo is based around the lighter Type-3 Strike Walker chassis. Type-3 walkers are considerably faster than Type-1's and have only recently been observed on the frontline. Type-3 walkers are equipped with more powerful drive systems and better motion damping hardware than Type-1 and 2's, allowing their pilots to pursue a more aggressive stance than their peers. Apollo squadrons in particular attract younger, fiery pilots who are generally hand-picked for transition direct from Janus Scout Walker Squadrons.


Two models per blister with 2 weapon options per model


10mm Scale


Height 29mm


8 Resin Components each inc. spare weapon (see 'working with resin')


Model supplied unassembled and unpainted


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