Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: Treasure Chest #3 Box Set (Limited)


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This new special offer is a great deal for DCC RPG fans! This limited-time Treasure Chest contains 10 Dungeon Crawl Classics adventure modules from Goodman Games, at an introductory price of only $50! You’ll save more than 50% on the original price! If you enjoy the adventures we encourage you to check out the rest of the line! But act fast! This Treasure Chest is only available for a limited time. When it’s gone, it’s gone! Contents: DCC #67: Sailors on the Starless Sea (digest edition), DCC #71: The 13th Skull, DCC #75: The Sea Queen Escapes, DCC #78: Fate’s Fell Hand (sketch cover), DCC #85: The Making of the Ghost Ring, DCC #87: Against the Atomic Overlord, DCC #88: The 998th Conclave of Wizards (sketch cover), DCC #95: Enter the Dagon, DCC: Masks of Lankhmar, DCC Holiday Module: New Year’s Evil. Made in the USA
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