Savage Worlds RPG: Tropicana

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Once upon a time in the Caribbean... Walk the narrow border between law and something else in Tropicana. Be a detective or spy, gambler or mercenary, exotic dancer or celebrity in need, trafficker or thug, surfer or tourist, student or activist. Whether your find it on your own or are hired into it, trouble in San Jose is always big, complicated, and twisted. And after any adventure, they like to have boat drinks and smoke cigars together by the poolside. Tropicana is a game from Savage Worlds licensee GRAmel of action heroes, special agents, and troubleshooters in San Jose, a rogue state consisting of a tropical metropolis, its wild jungle hinterland, and a small archipelago of paradise islands. Fight criminals, investigate ancient mysteries, solve cases, and seduce the most beautiful men and women - grab your gun and a mojito and join us in Tropicana!
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