28mm Terrain: DunkelWelt Portico

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Four once magnificent pillars line the hall, vaguely reminiscent of a time when it was splendid and peaceful. What remains are pillars reminiscent of a gruesome battle, of dark powers and even darker times. The model is made of structure hard foam. Because of that the model is very light but still extremely stable. The painting is easy. Invest some time in dry brushing and you will see how the details, corners and edges quickly come to light and enhance the model extremely. The tile structure has the standard dungeon dimension of 25 x 25 mm. The plate has a base height of 20 mm. The pillared hall can be perfectly combined with the modules from Dunkelstadt, even if we use a tile measure of 27 x 27 mm here. The offset is hardly recognizable in practice and plays no role in the game anyway. Together with the dark dwarf kingdom, the portico can be particularly staged. This model is made of hard foam. lightweight, yet extremely stable easy to paint, to grind at the edges and hone sawn and painted cuttable Packaging: Unpainted and without embellishment details, primed
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