About Backorders


For available items, simply click on the item to add to your shopping cart. Once complete, simply send your cart through to the next step. For your convenience, items in your shopping cart will not disappear should you need to stop for any reason. Important note; until you push your shopping cart through to the next page, items will not be reserved;ie we cannot see your shopping cart and don’t know to reserve items until you have gone to the next step. At this next step, the system will separate out those items available to send immediately, add any ‘On Hand’ backorders you may have, and those items not currently in stock. The system will place any‘out of stock’ items automatically into your ‘back orders’ (cf below) and mark it as ‘Pending’. If you decide you do not want the item on backorder,simply go into your back orders and delete the item. The system will tally the items that are available for immediate shipping and determine whether or notyou are over your free shipping threshold. Over the free shipping threshold; the order will proceed as normal but if it is under, the system will offer you the following;

‘You have not reached your free shipping threshold- would you like to continue?’

  • Yes – the cart will now go through and you will be charged for the items including shipping at standard Australia post rates or other shipping options;
  • No – the items will be placed into your ‘back orders’ marked as ‘On hand’. You do not pay for these items until your next order is sent through, but they are reserved for you.


This is for items not currently in stock or for items that you wish to ‘park’ until you have reached your free shipping threshold. Please note; you do NOT pay for the item until it is ‘on hand’ AND you have put an order through.

There are 3 states:

  • Pending: you have placed an order for an item that is not in stock. While at this state,you can change the number and/or delete this item from your back orders.
  • Locked: the item has now been ordered and you can no longer change the status of the item through the system.
  • On Hand: the item is now available. When your next order is placed, the item will be added to your order. Please note; if you do not collect your items and we have not had communications from you in 3 months, your back order items will be removed and re-distributed.


This is for new items that have not yet been released by the manufacturer. The number of new release items brought in is dependant on the number of pre-orders we receive. The number of new releases you have ‘pre-ordered’ or have a ‘standing order’ for, will be guaranteed unless there is shortfall from the manufacturer. It should be noted that orders are filled chronologically Pre-release items available for pre-ordering are highlighted in Pink in both the normal ordering pages and also available via a table in the‘Retailers Newsletter’ page.

Please note; you do NOT pay for any item until the items have arrived and you have put an order through.

Standing order

If you would like to guarantee that a set number of new release items are always reserved for you,please contact us and set up a standing order. For example, you may want to ensure that 2 of every new release infinity code is allocated to you. Standing orders are allocated first and will appear in your ‘back order’ section awaiting your next order. This will happen automatically without your further input. You can still add additional numbers of the new code should demand require – just pre-order as you would normally, and these will be allocated in addition to your standing order. 4 weeks notice is required for a change in numbers or cancellation with a standing order.

Please note; you do NOT pay for any item until the items have arrived and you have put an order through.